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#53: Lucifer Final Episode, Mighty Thor At the Gate of Valhalla #1

Capes and Lunatics Podcast Episode #53!


This week your geek guides Lilith Hellfire, Charlie Esser and I discuss various pop culture topics from TV, movies and comics including:

The reason Jason Aaron is a better writer than Brian Michael Bendis

The ups and downs of England’s royal family

New TV including The Big Bang Theory, Gotham, Lucifer, Arrow, and The Flash

We will see more of Donald Glover’s Lando after the Solo movie?

Upcoming revivals of Magnum PI and Murphy Brown

What was Jay Garrick huffing?

New comics including Domino #2, Mighty Thor: the Gates of Valhalla #1, X-Men: Wedding Special #1, Superman Special #1, Infinity Countdown: Daredevil #1, Cable #157, Justice League: No Justice #2, Batman #47.

Show notes: Lucifer Final Episode, Mighty Thor Gates of Valhalla #1: Capes & Lunatics Episode #53

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Capes & Lunatics #53