All New Marvel Roundup podcast!


Charlie Esser and I review the Marvel Comics for the week of 1-25-2017!

Infamous Iron Man #4—Charlie-Thumbs Up, Phil-Thumbs Up
Prowler #4—Charlie-Thumbs Up, Phil-Thumbs Up
Hulk #2—Charlie-Thumbs Up, Phil-Thumbs Up
Extraordinary X-Men #18—Charlie-Thumbs Up, Phil-Thumbs Up
Doctor Strange #16—Charlie-Thumbs Up, Phil-Thumbs Up
Deadpool #25—Charlie-Thumbs Up, Phil-Thumbs Up
Thunderbolts #9—Charlie-Thumbs Up, Phil-Thumbs Up
Daredevil #16—Charlie-Thumbs Up, Phil-Thumbs Up
Captain America: Steve Rogers #10—Charlie-Thumbs Up, Phil-Thumbs Up
Civil War II: The Oath #1—Charlie-Thumbs Up, Phil-Thumbs Up (Phil’s pick of the week)
Black Panther #10—Charlie-Thumbs Up (Charlie’s pick of the week), Phil-Thumbs Up

Show notes:
All New Marvel Roundup: 1-25-2017: Oathbreaker

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Production Team: Phil Perich, Rob Southgate



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