Meta Kadabra

New World’s Finest Podcast!

Lilith Hellfire & I review the DC Comics for the week of 8-24-2016!

Action Comics #962—Lilith-4, Phil-4.25
Batgirl #2—Lilith-3.5, Phil-3.75
Blue Beetle Rebirth #1—Lilith-5 (Lilith’s pick of the week #1)
Deathstroke #1—Lilith-4, Phil-4.25
Detective Comics #939—LIlith-4.25, Phil-4.5
Flash #5—Lilith-4, Phil-4
Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #3—Lilith-4, Phil-4.25
Harley’s Little Black Book #4—Lilith-3.5
Hellblazer #1—Lilith-4.25, Phil-4.75 (Phil’s pick of the week #1)
Teen Titans #23—Phil-3.75
Titans #2—Lilith-4.5, Phil-5 (Lilith & Phil’s pick of the week #2)
Wonder Woman #5—Phil-4

Show notes:
World’s Finest 8-24-2016: Meta Kadabra

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